Things I like about myself that other people dislike

AKA: Things I am not longer willing to apologize for (at least not in a general sense): A Working List

  • My capacity for emotions: I have a deep intellectual and spiritual understanding of many emotions. Therefore, my capacity to feel them is immense. This sometimes leads me to feel very deeply on behalf of myself and others. This ability to feel is an immense gift for which I am not sorry.
  • My perception of the world: The way I see the world gives the world a new perception through which to see itself–meaning my perspective alone has the power to expand the world.
  • My expression: Sometimes I express the immensity of my being through artistic means, other time through intense emotional outbursts or breakdowns. All means of expression are stunningly beautiful and unique in this world.
  • My darkest moments: often accompanied by my darkest thoughts, these moments are the ashes from which I rise–from which I have always risen–from which I always will rise.
  • My fiercely aggressive independence: I have fought for it and I continue to fight for it daily. It’s incredible and I’m not sorry that I don’t need you.
  • My ability to menstruate, to grow and birth children: If I so choose, my body creates LIFE! If I don’t choose, it doesn’t. That’s rad as hell.
  • My cyclical nature: Like the moon, I have dark times and I have illuminated times! One always leads to the other, and that makes me feel secure. My happiness may not stick around forever, but neither will my sadness!
  • Ability to agree to disagree: I recognize that we may not all agree. It’s OK, diversity makes the world progress. It makes the world a more beautiful place.
  • My boundaries: I put emotional and physical boundaries in place as protection for myself. I establish these boundaries as best as I can. Although others may not see them as good, I know they are what is best for me.

This is a working list which I plan to update when I see fit.


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